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    Can learning about vitamins and supplements that provide immune support actually be easy to understand and fun? Tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused when you enter a health food store or the vitamin section of the drug store? Want to feel like you are living young again?

    Immunity Superheroes is a quick and thorough guide to explain the vitamins, minerals and supplements your body needs. It will show you why and how they work, and how much is needed so that you can slide into the vitamin section of your grocery story and come out with what you need, feeling confident.

    What are the best kept secrets to keep you looking an feeling young, vibrant and strong, with an immune system works like with military precision.?  This book gives you those answers without the fluff.

    In this book you will learn:
    •    A simple to understand explanation of how the immune system works.
    •    The key vitamins to support your immune system.
    •    The optimal dosages for each of these vitamins.
    •    The overlooked and sometimes wrongfully vilified minerals that support your immune system.
    •    The mineral deficiency that affects hair loss.
    •    How to make your own non-toxic but effective sunscreen for a fraction of store prices.
    •    How I stop many colds and flus at the first sign of symptoms in under 30 minutes and for less than 5 cents.
    •    The vitamin that keeps arteries clear of calcium build up and bones strong.
    •    Want to look younger? The vitamin needed to make collagen for your skin.
    •    Over half a dozen herbs that serve are immune boosters and immune regulators.
    •    The vitamin associated with weight loss at optimal doses.
    •    How to stop feeling constantly cold in warm weather and the widespread deficiency of this supplement.
    •    The mineral that helps your liver remove toxins.
    •    The amino acid that acts like kryptonite for cold sores.
    •    And much more!

    In under 90 minutes, you can learn what you need to know to improve your health and strengthen the mighty warrior called your immune system.
    Let’s get started.

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