About Us

    The Megafanshop designs, produces and sells lifestyle products to fans of Sport teams, Stars and Online games with an synthesis of High Fashion and Sports. We collaborate with the team and the official supporter clubs. 


    It started in 2016 with the Manchester United Lifestyle Shoes, which have been designed by the Italian High Fashion Designer Massimo Scolaro (Versace & Roberto Cavalli) in cooperation with the former Bruno Magli team. 

    Manchester United Lifestyle Shoes Designer Massimo Scolaro

    Bruno Magli is a 1936 founded luxury Italian Fashion brands, which became famous for being the favorite shoe of the Wall Street, Hollywood Stars and Japanese High Society women.

    Bruno Magli 1936 Bologna

    Famous actors like Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone and many more used the wear the shoes in famous movies like Some Like It Hot, Pretty Woman and Basic Instinct.




    The shoes were a major component of the O.J. Simpson litigation in Los Angeles County.